One thing you can live without One thing you can live without

Auction off one thing you no longer need
on Trade Me and help New Zealand
get rid of its highest cancer statistic.

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer deaths in the world. But if it’s caught early, in 75% of cases, it can be cured. Every successful bowel cancer charity auction you create will help fund early symptom education and awareness.

Create your #BEATBOWELCANCER auction.

Follow the standard Trade Me auction steps, with these three little changes. Check out the FAQ’s for more info.

Make your auction officially part of the project, add the hashtag #BEATBOWELCANCER to the end of your auction name.


Let everyone know you’re part of the project.

“This is the one thing I can live without to help New Zealand get rid of its highest cancer statistic. All proceeds will go directly to Bowel Cancer New Zealand”

Send the auction winner this charity bank account number.

38 9010 0509792 00
(Bowel Cancer New Zealand Inc).
Request proof that the funds have been deposited.

Spread the word, share your auction.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of thing should I auction?

Anything in decent condition that you’d like to see put to good use. It could be an item of clothing you no longer wear, a piece of art you’d like to see enjoyed, or something you’ve never even used before. The choice is yours. Happy hunting.

How do I know the auction winner has paid?

Since you’re directing the sale to go directly into Bowel Cancer New Zealand’s account, you can request proof from the winner that it has been deposited, such as electronic confirmation or a screenshot of the bank transfer.

What about delivery costs?

We recommend sticking to pick ups as the sale from your auction is going directly to Bowel Cancer New Zealand, unless you’re feeling extra generous and would like to arrange the postage. Too kind.

As a seller, can I get my success fees reimbursed on a charity auction?

Good news. Yes, you can. Send a copy of the winner’s bank deposit into the Bowel Cancer New Zealand bank account to